Dutch mobster Willem Hollider has been sentenced to life in prison for contract killings.

One of the most notorious Dutch criminals was sentenced to life imprisonment for ordering a series of murders.

Willem Hollider – the criminal nicknamed “The Nose” – will now spend the rest of his life behind bars after being sentenced to the maximum possible sentence.

The Amsterdam Court of Appeal upheld the 64-year-old offender’s life sentence, first handed down in 2019.

Hollider rose to prominence in the Netherlands for his role in the 1983 kidnapping of beer tycoon Freddy Heineken.

He was convicted of ordering five murders between 2002 and 2006, including the 2003 murder of one of his accomplices in the Heineken kidnapping, Cora van Hout.

Hollider had also previously been convicted of threatening crime reporter Peter R. de Vries, who was shot dead last year in a separate incident.

His lawyers insisted on an acquittal, saying there was no direct evidence linking him to the crimes.

But the judges “took into account the composure and bad faith with which Hollider, along with other members of the criminal organization, made decisions about life and death,” the appeals court said in a statement.

“His choice was motivated by money or a desire to prevent someone else from getting revenge on him or talking to the police.”

Hollider’s two sisters were among the witnesses who testified against him at his trial. The brothers and sisters secretly recorded conversations with the perpetrator for years and handed over the recordings to the prosecutor’s office.