E-bike conversion kits: zipforce slim

Zipforce, an electric motor manufacturer based in Stockholm, Sweden, has announced two new electric bike conversion kits called Zipforce Slim and Zipforce Distance. These two ebike kits are quiet and lightweight ebike kits that are easy to install for riders of all experience levels.

The Zipforce Slim weighs just two kilograms, making it one of the lightest, quietest and most affordable e-bike kits on the market. This kit is ideal for city dwellers and riders who need moderate range pedal assist without requiring too much weight.

Zipforce Distance, on the other hand, is designed for range and efficiency. This device also features a virtually silent and easy-to-use motor, although it is slightly heavier and boasts incredible range. Distance is suitable for riders who want to be sure that their battery will not run out even when riding long distances.

Mons Bengtsson, founder of Zipforce, stated: “Audio level and installation were the two main issues we improved in our new products. We have also improved the weight and flexibility of the products,” talking about the new Slim and Distance. models.

Image Credit: Zipfors