Edgars makes big deliveries to South Africa

Edgars, recently acquired by the Retailability Group, has announced a massive new shipment to South Africa.

The retailer said this would include a partnership with logistics company Pargo, which provides click-to-collect services across the country.

In addition, Edgars said it is adding more than 100 of its own stores to Pargo’s growing network of over 3,000 pick-up locations, making it the largest pick-up network in South Africa.

The extension will allow customers to pick up their online orders at a nearby pickup location.

“In addition to convenience, Click and Collect also offers shoppers living in remote areas, rural areas and informal communities access to a wide range of Edgars brands and products, giving them the ability to shop online without worrying that they are either miss the delivery, or not get the right to delivery at all, ”the message says.

“While e-commerce is growing exponentially in South Africa, shipping can still be a challenge for many, especially those who live in regions or outlying areas,” said Richard McLennan, head of e-commerce at Retailability.

“Our goal is to provide a seamless online shopping experience by making it easy for everyone to receive their order, no matter where they are in the country. That’s why the partnership with Pargo makes so much sense.”

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