Prince William sheds light on homelessness to mark his 40th birthday

Ahead of Tuesday’s celebration of his 40th birthday as the Duke of Cambridge, he wrote an article for the magazine detailing why he went undercover to sell publications to members of the public in support of the cause earlier this month.

“I was 11 years old when I first visited a homeless shelter with my mother who, in her inimitable style, was determined to shed light on a forgotten, misunderstood issue.” – William wrote in a passage published on Monday. “Over the past 30+ years, I have seen countless projects in this space gain momentum, including charities that I have been privileged to patronize.”
William has joined salesman Dave Martin, 60, in the capital to raise awareness of the publication’s work, which is marketed by sound sleepers and people facing poverty and homelessness in the UK, according to The Big Issue’s. Official site.

“I wanted to experience a different side and see what it was like to be a big problem salesman. My time has really opened my eyes,” wrote William. “While I may seem like one of the most unexpected supporters of this cause, I have always believed that my platform will help tell these stories and raise awareness and take action on those who are struggling. I plan to do it now.” I turned 40, even more than in the past.”

The prince added that he intends to “light up this solvable issue not only today, but also in the coming months and years.”

William sold the magazine with Martin on Rochester Row, near Victoria in London, just a few days after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Platinum Jubilee Celebration.

When William asked Martin what The Big Question did for him, he said, “It got me off the street. Gave me respect. At that time I was begging. to the Big Question office.

William described his time with the sale of the magazine as

Sellers buy the magazines for £1.50 ($1.84) and sell them for £3 ($3.68), keeping the proceeds. According to the official website of the magazine, about 1,300 people are trying to get out of poverty by selling The Big Issue.

Meanwhile, members of the British royal family posted birthday wishes to William on social media on Tuesday.

Prince Charles has shared a series of photos of the father-son duo over the years on Twitter. signature: “Congratulations to the Duke of Cambridge on his 40th birthday!” One image showed a black-and-white portrait of Charles holding baby William, while another showed them both sitting in a cable car on a ski trip.
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Max Foster and CNN’s Rob Picheta contributed to the story.