SpaceX employees fired for letter criticizing Elon Musk

Several employees at private space company SpaceX, who this week circulated a letter denouncing CEO Elon Musk’s behavior, have been fired, according to reports.

In a letter, the existence of which was first reported edgeemployees complained about Musk’s “harmful behavior on Twitter” and accused Hawthorne’s company of not responding promptly to his behavior.

“Elon’s behavior in the public sphere often distracts and embarrasses us, especially in recent weeks,” the letter says.

In response, SpaceX fired some of the organizers of the letter, writes the New York Times. informed. The newspaper cited an email in which SpaceX President and COO Gwynne Shotwell said the company had investigated and “fired a number of employees” involved in the email.

The letter mentioned allegations of sexual harassment against Musk, which were found in insider report last month. Musk is said to have offered an erotic massage to a flight attendant aboard a SpaceX private jet in 2016. The company paid $250,000 to settle the sexual harassment lawsuit, according to Insider.

Musk denied the allegations.

The letter’s authors also argued that employees face unequal enforcement of the company’s employee behavior policy and urged the company to put in place a clear system to report and support the consequences of “unacceptable behavior.”

According to the letter, they called on the company to hold management accountable and “go public and condemn” Musk’s behavior on Twitter. The world’s richest man has used his Twitter account, which currently has over 90 million followers, to post sex jokes, make fun of other billionaires including Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, question the scientific consensus around COVID-19, and express his growing sympathy for conservative politics. .

Musk said SpaceX’s goals include making humanity “multi-planetary” by providing recreational spaceflight and colonizing Mars. The letter asks if the company culture is suitable for this test.

“The collaboration needed to make life multi-planetary is incompatible with a culture that sees employees as expendable,” the letter says. “Is the culture we are developing now the one we aim to bring to Mars and beyond?”

The letter was posted Wednesday to an internal Microsoft Teams channel with 2,600 employees, Verge reported. The letter was signed by an unknown number of employees.

On Thursday, Musk held a video call with Twitter employees to answer questions ahead of a planned $43 billion purchase of the company. After the call, the Project Veritas website posted what it said were logs of private chats with comments, many of which were critical of Musk, posted on the company’s Slack channels during the meeting.

Musk answered to a right-wing activist’s tweet about the Project Veritas leak: “Interesting.”