Abkarian: A ban on abortion is the first step. Prepare for the end of many hard-fought rights

Goodbye, legal right to abortion.

Goodbye, separation of church and state.

Goodbye, common sense gun laws.

Goodbye, Miranda is right.

And this is just the beginning.

With a fundamentalist, conservative majority on the Supreme Court, prepare for the possibility of the end of many of the civil rights we take for granted: privacy, contraception, in vitro fertilization, same-sex marriage, interracial marriage.

This is not hyperbole.

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Robin Abkarian

On Friday, the court released its crushing ruling in Dobbs v. New York. Jackson Women’s Health, not only upholding the Mississippi law banning abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy, but overturning Roe vs. Wade and family planning vs. Casey, two major court rulings in the last 50 years upholding the right to legal abortion.

That’s how radical the majority is: the court wasn’t even asked to overrule Roe v. Wade; it just might support the Mississippi law. The fact that the five judges were willing to go that far shows that this court has no qualms about bringing hard-fought American rights back to states where many conservative Christian-dominated legislatures are just wipe them out.

Proof? In his separate concurring opinion In the Dobbs case, Judge Clarence Thomas stated that the court should review all of its “due process precedents, including the cases of Griswold, Lawrence and Obergefell”.

Griswold vs. Connecticutadopted in 1965 legalized contraceptives.

Lawrence Vs. Texaspassed in 2003 to legalize same-sex sex.

Obergefell vs. Hodgesadopted in 2015 legalized same-sex marriage.

What else is at stake at this fraught moment in American history? All.

If Republicans can figure out how cancel the results elections that don’t go according to plan, appointing election officials and state attorneys general ready to do their dirty workget ready to say goodbye to our very democracy.

This is not hyperbole either.

As we saw on Thursday during fifth public hearing Jan. On House Select Committee 6, former President Trump came very close to blowing up the Justice Department, and not accidentally the Constitution, in his monomaniacal drive to steal a second term.

In a breathtaking testimony, the then acting Atti. Gene. Jeffrey Rosen said Trump was going to fire him for refusing to interfere in the results of the 2020 presidential election and install a sycophant to do so. But when Trump realized that the entire leadership of the department, led by Rosen, would leave in protest, he backed off. A mass exodus, apparently decided by Trump, would make him look weak.

On Friday, President Biden described the abolition of legal abortion as tragic mistake and called for peaceful protests against the ruling.

Unfortunately, as he acknowledged, there is little he can do to right such a terrible mistake, but he has vowed to protect those who want abortions in any way possible, including by directing federal agencies to step up.

The Department of Justice, for example, will protect women who cross state lines to have an abortion in violation of their state’s laws.

“Few rights are more important to individual freedom than the right to control one’s body,” Atti said. Gene. Merrick Garland said Friday in a statement. A ban on abortion will inevitably and disproportionately hit women of color and the poor, he said.

Garland also said states cannot ban FDA-approved abortion drugs, such as mifepristone, which are used in more than half of all abortions today.

In December, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said the pills could be prescribed over the phone and distributed by mail. But with at least half a dozen states already trying to outright ban the drug, it’s a collision will definitely go to court.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was almost red-hot with rage. her regular press conference Friday when she rightly questioned the veracity of three new judges, Neil M. Gorsuch, Brett M. Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett.

“There’s no point in saying good morning because it’s definitely not,” she began, before accusing the court of achieving its “dark, extreme goal of depriving women of the right to make their own reproductive health decisions.”

The speaker was rude and pointed out, “What about those judges who stand before the senators and say they respect the stare decisis, the precedent of the court, that they respect the right to privacy in the United States Constitution? Did you hear it? Weren’t they telling the truth then?”

The three candidates must have crossed their fingers behind their backs when they deceived senators such as Susan Collins, a willfully naive Maine Republican with oaths of allegiance to judicial precedent.

We can only hope that the devastating recent Supreme Court rulings will energize the electorate this fall. The decision on this mass disenfranchisement must be taken by vote.

Americans overwhelming majority support the right to abortion and have always supported. If this issue does not inspire suburban women voters who have proved decisive in many recent elections, What will happen? How can we allow the anti-feminist cabal of the court to take away the rights that so many of us have taken from our children and grandchildren?

On Friday, It is reported by the New York Times. that Trump has privately told people that he thinks Rowe’s ouster would be “bad” for Republicans, who will face backlash this November.

God, I hope he’s right.