Americans Divided Over Supreme Court Decision on Abortion

There was mixed reaction to United States Supreme CourtFriday’s decision to strike down the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling that upheld a woman’s right to an abortion.

Now individual states can allow or restrict this procedure themselves.

Rowe vs. Wade canceled

The ruling, dominated by conservatives, split the nation into liberals and feminists appalled by the ruling, but it was a victory for more than 50 years of anti-abortion religious rights activists.

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The decision largely reflects a draft opinion that was the subject of an emergency leak in early May, sparking demonstrations across the country and tightening security at a court in downtown Washington.

The ruling will likely trigger a cavalcade of new laws in about half of the 50 US states that will severely restrict or outright ban and criminalize abortion, forcing women to travel long distances to states that still allow the procedure.


Here is what prominent Americans have to say about the Supreme Court decision:

Former US President Donald Trump’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, an evangelist who recently endorsed a rival candidate in a key primary, blamed Trump for the court’s decision.

Pompeo tweeted to Trump that “historians will write about you.”

“Americans, born and unborn, will benefit for decades,” he said.

“Extreme Ideology and Tragic Mistake”

Evil The president On Friday, Joe Biden called on voters to revolt over the Supreme Court’s “tragic mistake” in overturning the constitutional right to abortion, warning that “extreme ideology” is already targeting other rights.

“The court did something it had never done before – directly took away a constitutional right that is so fundamental to many Americans,” Biden said at the White House.

“In my opinion, this is the realization of an extreme ideology and a tragic mistake by the Supreme Court.”

The Democrat vowed to do whatever it takes to protect access to abortion, but as the Supreme Court stripped the federal right and handed power over to state legislatures that often oppose abortion, he admitted his hands were largely tied.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called the Supreme Court’s decision “a historic victory for the Constitution and for the most vulnerable in our society.”

In a statement, McConnell said:[The decision is] courageous and correct.

Attack on “fundamental freedoms”

Former US President Barack Obama, a Democrat, said Friday’s decision was an attack on the “fundamental freedoms of millions of Americans.”

“Today, the Supreme Court not only overturned a nearly 50-year-old precedent, but also relegated the most serious personal decision anyone can make to the whims of politicians and ideologues—an attack on the fundamental freedoms of millions of Americans,” Obama said in a statement.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, said that the Supreme Court follows the US Constitution and “returns the rights when they should have been given a long time ago … It returns everything to the states where it has always belonged.”

“Step back”

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called the decision “a step backwards for women’s and human rights.”

“Most Americans consider the decision to have a child one of their most sacred decisions, and that such decisions should remain between patients and their physicians.

“Today’s Supreme Court ruling will live in shame as a step backwards on women’s rights and human rights.”

Former U.S. Vice President Mike Pence said in a statement: “Life has won today. By canceling Roe v. Wade, the United States Supreme Court has given the American people a new start in life, and I commend the majority judges for their courage in their convictions.

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