Loco launches Legends, India’s first esports NFT platform

Game streaming and esports platform Loco is about to launch a new platform that will allow fans to own and trade esports collectibles through non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Platform, Legends of Lokowill become a partner of the 50 most popular Indian esports teams and allow fans to buy and trade virtual collectibles, not unlike how sports fans buy merchandise and collectibles for their favorite sports teams in the real world.

The first asset in Loco Legends will be NFT esports cards.

It combines NFT and free fantasy esports games.

Users can purchase NFT trading cards, which allows them to trade them and participate in free fantasy pools.

“As a fan, you will get virtual goods or NFTs and the person can become part of the game that uses these NFTs,” said Loco co-founder Anirudh Pandita.

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The platform is currently in beta mode and is expected to be launched next month.

The company has partnered with popular esports teams such as 8bit, s0ul, Godlike, Revenant, Blind and XO, who dominate popular titles such as BGMI, FreeFire Max and Valorant.

With 52 million users, Loco has a ready base of gaming enthusiasts and data about the tournaments it hosts.

“We are passionate about the potential of web3 for

creators and create new fan experiences in the gaming community. Gamers are the first to embrace new technologies, and our community has shown strong acceptance of these initiatives,” said co-founder Ashwin Suresh.

Initially, the first 1,000 people who register on the waiting list will have access to free NFTs worth around Rs 500 each. NFTs can be purchased with regular currency, making them accessible to a wider range of people.

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