Meet the architect helping companies like Intuit redesign the office

The pandemic has changed the way we work. And while some companies are returning to pre-pandemic week, 81% of executives said they are moving to more flexible work hours. LinkedIn Global Talent Trends Report 2022. But getting employees back to the office has not been easy, and companies are having to rethink the role the office plays in the post-pandemic world.

Clive Wilkinson, who designed the Googleplex, is one of the architects the tech sector and others look to to help create jobs that meet the needs of hybrid workers. From open workspaces to collaboration modules with video conferencing, they completely reimagine the workplace as a resource for employees.

“You can no longer insist that employees work a five-day week,” Wilkinson said. “They will come because they want the benefits that the job will give them.”

Watch the video to see how remote and hybrid work is changing the way offices look in the future.