Natalie Portman grew 9 inches to play the Mighty Thor

ACTRESS Natalie Portman will continue her role as Jane Foster, the ex-girlfriend of the Asgardian warrior Thor (Chris Hemsworth), but she will also take on the superhuman form of the Mighty Thor, Jane’s superhero alter ego, when she gets to Mjolnir in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder.

In an alternate universe movie plot, when Thor’s hammer Mjolnir can no longer be used first, Jane Foster is deemed worthy to take his place. As a result of being Thor, she becomes a member of the Avengers.

Portman had to work with a trainer for 10 months before and during filming to build muscle like she’d never been asked before to play the role of a Marvel Studios hero.

In addition to having her arms and shoulders torn to the max, Mighty Thor Portman is 6 feet tall, almost 10 inches taller than Portman’s actual height.

Director Taika Waititi and his crew were faced with the challenge of getting Natalie Portman up to the right height for scenes in which she walked alongside her co-stars. Their solution turned out to be as low-tech as it was in the Marvel films.

“We would rehearse the scene, they would see the track, and then they would build a track that was one foot off the ground or something, and I would just walk on it,” Portman explained, according to Variety. .