Robert Reich (The Real Reason Congress Does Nothing, Why…)

The Real Reason Congress Does Nothing

Why is Congress doing something? Well, one camera actually does. Hundreds of bills have passed the House of Representatives, but they have not even managed to get a vote in the Senate. Accounts like –

Free Voting Law,

John R. Lewis Voting Extension Act,

equality law,

Checking the data on the sale of weapons,

re-approval of the Violence Against Women Act,

Law on the protection of the right to organize.

The Recovery Act is better.

The list goes on…

So why don’t these important bills get a vote in the Senate? Because filibuster makes it impossible.


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In total, since the beginning of 2021, the House of Representatives has passed more than 200 bills that have not been considered in the Senate. Everything from investing in rural education to preventing discrimination against pregnant workers and protecting the elderly from fraud are bills that have real, tangible benefits for society; bills that received widespread public support.

So don’t believe the media reports that Congress is stuck in a hopeless stalemate and

both sides

are to blame. One House of Congress, led by Democrats, makes important laws and works for the people. But Senate Republicans and a handful of corporate Democrats are obsessed with shutting down the government. Why are Republicans in the Senate doing this? Because their medium-term strategy depends on it. Republicans are blocking important laws to point out the alleged inability of the Democrats to do anything and claim that they can do it if you give them a majority. Don’t fall for it.