Roe v. Wade Decision Rejected – Statutory Vs. Constitutional

Rowe vs. Wade correctly canceled not because the abortion itself for the court did not cancel it superficially, but instead ruled:

“The Constitution does not give the right to abortion; Rowe and Casey are rejected; and the power to regulate abortion is returned to the people and their elected representatives.”

The whole decision was based on the right to privacy that was created in Griswold v. Connecticut, under which they were trying to outlaw contraceptives. The question was about the state’s failure to enforce such a law because it would require a government official to oversee the sexual act and that you comply with the requirement not to use a condom. It was very difficult to extend this right to abortion.

Protection Rowe vs. Wade actually hypocritical for Democrats. The main support comes from Gates and Rockefeller Foundations and this is secretly supported by the United Nations. It’s all about Planned Parenthood minority abortion program reduce their population. Now you might think that I am a conspiracy theorist. Back in 2009, however, Judge Ruth Bader Ginsberg was bluntly telling the truth when she advocated for women’s equality.

To be honest, I thought there was a concern about population growth at the time Roe’s decision was made. and especially population growth, which we don’t want to have too much or.” She spoke bluntly in an interview published in The New York Times Magazine that included an article about women in court. So it wasn’t just a women’s rights program. It was a cover story to cover up the real agenda that has always been there – eugenics and downsizing of minorities.

There is NOTHING in the Constitution, which guarantees every right to an abortion. There is a huge difference between INSTALLED law and CONSTITUTIONAL law. The former is acceptable as long as it works. NO violate the latter. This decision throws him back to the States BECAUSE this is a question for INSTALLED law – no CONSTITUTIONAL no more than the installation of a stop sign by the local municipality.

it MAIN a victory because it nullifies the entire Planned Parenthood program that Gates’ father led, and whose offices were strategically placed in poor minority areas, precisely to encourage abortion to reduce the population.

It’s hard to understand how some women have been brainwashed into thinking they have some sort of constitutional right to abort a baby whenever they feel like it, which was smart commercial work by Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation. It’s like Schwab now saying you won’t own anything and be happy again pretending it’s all for you, when in reality it’s supposed to hide the agenda of a government defaulting on its debts. It’s the same trick of the insurance companies. They sell you fire, earthquake, flood, theft and accident insurance, but they can NO sell DEATH insurance for people who thought it was bad luck so they flipped the name and called it LIFE insurance. Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation Convinced Women It Was Theirs RIGHT abort a child and how dare anyone say otherwise – so go ahead and defend your femininity! An excellent mind game, to say the least.