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Sonic the Hedgehog is back with a new collection of its classic games

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Sonic Origins review

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Sega is having a great year, with the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise scoring big by breaking cinematic records and introducing the new Sonic Frontiers game.

It’s safe to say that the Blue Hedgehog still has a lot to offer.

Celebrating Sonic’s 30th anniversary in 2021, Sega announced that they will re-release the first four games for a new generation of gamers.

After a year of waiting, Sega’s favorite mascot has finally arrived in the form of Sonic Origins.

Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the most famous mascots in the gaming industry with a vast franchise spanning over thirty years.

Sonic the Hedgehog has a huge back catalog with games released for almost every generation.

Sonic Origins is a collection of the first four Sonic games.



But the franchise has surpassed the games as Sega has managed to introduce Sonic in every form of entertainment known to man.

But Sonic will always be remembered for his classic games on early Sega consoles.

Sonic Origins isn’t the first time its games have appeared in a collection format, hardcore fans will remember the Sonic Mega Collection.

This title had a huge collection of games from the Sega back catalog and lots of bonus material.

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But Sonic Origins seems to go all out and really revolutionize the original experience with some cool new features.

First, fans will immediately notice the updated visuals that look amazing.

Fantastic enhancements with rich colors that really stand out on HDTVs. Every game is crystal clear with the best frame rate, greatly enhancing the whole experience.

Each game can be played in two different modes.



Sonic Origins will include four classic games including Sonic 1, 2, 3 and CD. Each of these games can be played in two versions: Classic and Anniversary.

Classic Mode allows players to experience games as they were when they were first released, with their native 4:3 aspect ratio.

The gameplay remains the same as the original, with end lives and game overs. This is the perfect way to play games if you’ve never played them before as they are pristine ports.

Anniversary Mode is a different story with quite a few changes, games will start in 16:9 aspect ratio.

Since this is the first time Sonic and Knuckles has been released in widescreen, I’m really impressed with how Sega ported it.

My favorite extra feature is that this mode allows players to play as Knuckles and Tails in games where they weren’t available before.

Sonic Origins has additional modes in addition to the main games.



Sonic the Hedgehog even goes so far as to change the title screen of the character you’re currently playing as, which is great fan service.

It’s also great that players can choose to team up with Knuckles and Tails in Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

Anniversary Mode also changes the Sonic formula, allowing players to play the game with infinite lives without any game endings.

This is a great feature, but I feel like there should have been an option that would let you choose this rather than being locked into the mode.

Each game will also allow players to take part in a Boss Rush mode where players will fight in back-to-back skirmishes, earning rings as they progress.

It’s a nice addition because it just breaks the traditional way of playing Sonic, giving hardcore fans something new to challenge.

Each game has been redesigned to improve upon the original experience.



In addition to the four main games, there are Story and Mission modes that bring something new to the series.

The story mode will allow players to play through all the games in one big adventure with new animated cut scenes that separate each title.

Mission Mode features altered levels that require certain conditions to be met in order to complete.

They vary in difficulty and objectives to keep players on their toes. This mode is a great addition as it gives the game added replay value by increasing its overall longevity.

There are several for each game, and players will be rewarded with in-game currency for their ranking.

Players will also be able to unlock the Mirror Mode, which will allow players to play through each level in reverse order.

It might seem a bit useless, but since it was a first for these games, it makes for a fun inclusion.

The soundtrack includes all of the original tracks for the three games, however Sonic and Knuckles have a new soundtrack. due to some issues.

The new tracks retain their fun electronic aesthetic, but hardcore fans and purists may be disappointed by the vast differences in old and new themes.

Museum Mode is a vault where players can listen to music, watch movies, and view original artwork.

There’s also a lot to unlock, including new animated intros and endings, as well as never-before-seen content.

Players will be able to create their own playlist, but it will only be available to listen to in this section.

Sega really should have let players listen to their playlist anywhere in the game, or at least in the menu, which is a shame since it has a vast collection.

Verdict 4/5

Sonic Origins is a great way to enjoy these classic games for the first time, no matter how you play.

The updated visuals and additional gameplay options really highlight the amount of work that went into this collection of gems.

There are a few design choices that could have been done a lot better, however Sega put out a fun anthology with a lot of repetition.

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