Who will you call? Sen. Ron Johnson Better call a lawyer.

Stephen Colbertlate showLiked this Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) Feigned answering a non-existent phone call when reporters bombarded him with questions about a fake voter list his office put up last year.

“I’m on the phone,” Johnson snapped at the time.

“No, it’s not,” the reporter retorted. “I see your screen.”

According to The Late Show, Johnson’s time would be much better spent calling a lawyer:

If a journalist asks about your coup, who do you call?


You could call a friend, but you have so few of them.

What will you pick up?

No number!

I won’t fall for any deception.

Might call Moviefone about Top Gun 2.

Instead, who did you call?

Oh no one! Wow.

Fake elector exposed, you screwed up.

Who to call now?


Johnson said he had nothing to do with the fake electoral roll. However, reports showed that his chief of staff tried to arrange a meeting in which Johnson manual delivery of slate then Vice President Mike Pence.

Johnson now claims that “some intern from the state” wanted the envelope delivered to Pence, and his office tried to arrange it, but he had no idea who sent it or what it was. according to The Washington Post.

In response, Colbert called Johnson “the dumbest person sit in the United States Senate.”