Epoxy resins that will make Filipinos winners in life

Filipinos have always been known to be persistent and hardworking. This is often seen among Filipinos whose professions require a high level of patience, perseverance, and character, such as carpenters, fishermen, and construction workers.

What makes every Filipino special is their PALABAN mindset to overcome all obstacles that stand in the way of achieving their goals.

Those facing tremendous pressure and hardship can stand up to whatever challenge they face. Is there a secret to this? The key to success is their partners who help them overcome any obstacles.

Dominating the sealant and contact cement categories, Bostik offers a new line of epoxy resins to meet the needs of carpenters, fishermen, boat builders, contractors and other professionals in similar industries. These epoxies can be a trusted partner for them in their projects and can help them provide superior service.

The new range consists of Bostik El Heneral’s versatile epoxy resin, which makes wood products durable and resistant to cracking. Next up is the Bostik El KapitanMarine epoxy, which provides a strong bond to the boats so that fishermen don’t have to worry when they’re on the move.

Third is the Bostik El Supremo, which is best used for heavy projects that require an intense level of strength and stiffness. Bostik El Supremois is also recommended for construction professionals such as contractors who also require a product suitable for concrete and metal, an important basis for a project to be durable and well proven.

With these Bostik epoxy resins, Filipino carpenters, fishermen and builders can be assured of quality because these products can give them confidence and confidence in their effectiveness and efficiency. Most importantly, Bostik epoxies give every Filipino the courage to constantly fight and never give up until victory is achieved.