Georgia Bulldog Mascot with Butler Bulldog Mascot

The most famous bulldog in Indianapolis these days is Butler Blue IV, the mascot of Butler University.

But don’t tell that to the Georgia fans who idolize their bulldog mascot Ug X, also known as Q.

Kue is the latest star in a line of English Bulldogs owned by the Sailer family of Savannah, Georgia, who have served as Georgia’s living, breathing sporting icon since 1956. In his role since 2015, Coue usually plays games at Sanford Stadium in Athens in an air-conditioned kennel. The stadium, of course, holds the legends of Uga beyond the hedgerows that line the field: Georgia buries its dead dog mascots in the marble crypts at Sanford.

Butler also has a tradition of honoring his bulldogs. we visited Blue IV in 2020when he was training for his new gig, and it was quite a showcase – but it’s unclear if the fangs settled the matter of the most adored bulldog when they met in Indianapolis.