Inflation creates cracks in the G7

The UK takes the position of the Baltics and Poland, who collectively fear that if Russia succeeds in Ukraine, they will be next. It looks like this is really propaganda that was bought from Zelensky. Putin made EASILY conquer Ukraine. If this was the goal, then first turn off the power grid, then communications, then the water supply. Zelensky is ready to sacrifice his people for the territory occupied by the Russians he hates. You have to be a blind politician not to see Zelensky’s hatred and the stuffing of hundreds of millions into offshore companies.

Indeed, if China is smart, it can continue to cut exports and raise prices even further in the West. Similarly, rising inflation may not be due to the war, but the lockdowns have led to the collapse of the supply chain, and now many are beginning to blame Western sanctions for rising gas and oil prices, as well as huge shortages of wheat and fertilizer. As I said, one of the main tactics in war is to undermine the opponent’s currency. With this generation of world leaders, we have the worst possible people in the history of mankind. They do not see that they have made the West vulnerable. Our computer should assume that wars will escalate from next year, but an international war is more likely after 2024.

I’m afraid that the absolute stupidity that now dominates the world leaders here in the West is that they play checkers while Putin and Xi play chess. Even Boris Johnson has announced in the UK that he actually wants to be a dictator for life. He said that he did not intend to leave his post until mid 2030s!