J-Hope to release new solo album in July

NEXT South Korean supergroup BTS has shocked with the announcement that it is taking a temporary hiatus so its members can focus on their solo projects. Fans wondered which of the group would be the first to release their new music.

On Saturday, those questions were answered when J-Hope shared on his social media accounts that he would be releasing his latest solo album titled Jack in the box July 15.

J-Hope previously released a mixtape album in 2018. World of Hope, which peaked at number 38 on the US Billboard 200 album chart, making him the highest-charting Korean solo artist at the time. He was also the first member of BTS to hit the Billboard 100 singles chart the following year with the rap single Chicken Noodle Soup which debuted at number 81.

According to the official statement, Jack in the box voices J-Hope’s desire to break stereotypes and grow further. The album represents J-Hope’s own musical identity and vision as an artist.”

After announcing his solo projects earlier this month, J-Hope said he felt it was the right move.

“I think we should spend some time apart so we can learn to be one again,” he said. “I hope you don’t see this as a negative thing, but as a healthy plan. I think BTS will become stronger this way.”