Local mom and TikTok influencer plead for response to son’s murder

MOBILE, Al. (VALALocal mom and TikTok influencer pleads for answers after her son was gunned down Friday night in Pritchard.

“I never asked you for anything, but I need your help, almost 7 million people are following me – someone must know something,” Ophelia Nichols, known as Mama Tot on TikTok, said with tears in her eyes ( account: “shulover99″). “He was only 18 years old – that’s the best part of someone’s life. And I know they’re out there somewhere, in my city – they’re out there somewhere.”

It happened at a gas station on St. Stevens Road. Eighteen-year-old Randon Lee was shot and killed in an Exxon before driving across the street near an Energizer gas station, where he died of his injuries.

It’s still unclear what led to the shooting, but Ofelia says investigators are letting her know they’re looking into leads.

“It’s hard because you put all your faith and hope and trust in these people and the police department and you have to sit back and hope and pray that they do what needs to be done, that the person or people who did it to put my child in jail. You have no choice but to sit here and wait,” Ofelia said.

Now she is using her platform to ask for help leading to an arrest.

“People talk, people talk. So I wanted this video to be seen, because if the person who did this to my son could see what he did to our family, he took my son from me … My son, ”Ophelia said.

To make matters worse, Randon would have turned 19 on Saturday.

“I spoke to him yesterday morning around 10 to tell him that I have money for his birthday. He was looking forward to it… just hanging out with his friends and girlfriend. His family was his life,” Ofelia said. “You see other people go through these things and it never occurs to you that one day it will be you. But for a person to make a choice to take your child away from you – he had a choice – they had a choice, and they decided to take my son from me.

Prichard Police and the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office inform us that the investigation is ongoing.

Ofelia says that Randon was an organ donor and will live even after death helping others.

In the meantime, if you’d like to make a donation to help with funeral expenses – click here to go to the Gofundme page.

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