Players of the Angels and Mariners throw punches in a fight on the benches

It took less than two innings for The victory of the Angels at the Sunday matinee with a score of 2: 1 above Seattle Mariners pour into a fight worthy of the octagon.

Angels opener Andrew Wanz hit Jesse Winker with a pitch in the second inning, prompting Mariners manager Scott Servais to demand Wanz’s ejection. Wanz and both teams received warnings in the first inning after the pitcher threw the ball to Julio Rodriguez.

But Winker was already talking to the Angels’ dugout, and before plate umpire John Bacon and third base umpire Adrian Johnson could try to defuse the situation, Winker began to advance toward the Angels’ dugout and the benches and bullpen cleared. Anthony Rendon, recovering from season-ending wrist surgery, rushed into action with the rest of his team, poking Winker in the face with his left hand.

In a fight that unfolded in the back net between the dugout and the home court, the Mariners’ J.P. Crawford jumped over his teammates to hit one of the Angels.

Winker was at the very bottom of the pile as he appeared to be fighting Angels pitcher Ryan Tepera. Recently called up to the Angels, Monte Harrison and left fielder Brandon Marsh were among the dozens trying to keep teammates and coaches apart.

After the excitement on the pitch began to die down, Angel Stadium fans began chanting “Go Angels!” before another fight broke out. Angels starter Noah Sindergaard and Rodriguez were among those who needed to be held back from the large group of players.

Winker, returning to the dugout, broke away from the crowd. After a while he came out of the dugout and raised his middle finger to the crowd.

Angels closer Raizel Iglesias, Winker’s teammate with the Cincinnati Reds from 2017 to 2020, then grabbed a bag of sunflower seeds from a dugout and launched them onto the field, scattering them along the third base line.

The Angels’ dugout was empty again, the rest of the pitchers in the bullpen contemplating going back to their teammates. A bucket of Angels gum was also launched into the infield and landed between second and third base.
The feud between the two teams was likely the result of Mariners pitcher Eric Swanson head-throwing Mike Trout in ninth inning of Saturday game.

A total of eight players and managers were ruled out: interim manager Phil Nevin, close Iglesias, Tepera, Vantz, Servais, Winker, Rodriguez and Crawford.

The Angels resumed play with Jose Suarez on the mound. Suarez was already ready to replace Vanz as a main player in the first leg. The Mariners selected Adam Frazier as Winker’s replacement. Frazier remained in the game in left field. They also replaced Rodriguez with Taylor Trammel at center, then moved Abraham Toro at second base and moved Dylan Moore to shortstop.

The fight caused a game delay of approximately 18 minutes.

Since the June 2, 1998 brawl against the Kansas City Royals at Kaufman Stadium, the Angels have not fought an opponent for so long and with such ferocity.

There were two bench incidents in that game, including a ninth-inning melee that delayed the game by 15 minutes, and a dozen bailouts. Nevin, the catcher for the 1998 Angels, started the first scrimmage when he attacked the mound in the seventh inning after being hit by a pitch a second time.

Times Staff Writer Mike DiGiovanna contributed to this report.