The Rock talks about his motivation for working out

ACTOR Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has always been praised for his strong work ethic and discipline in training, and on Saturday the star showed how he manages to stay motivated.

On his Instagram account, Johnson shared a photo of himself at his home gym flexing his muscles in front of the camera. In the caption, he wrote: “1 day. 2 workouts. HAWAII. I trained early in the morning and had to cut the last 45 minutes of my workout to get back to the hotel for meetings and work. I was really fucking pissed off that I didn’t finish my studies.”

His caption then became reflective, explaining that he always feels more inspired to complete his workouts when he “comes home” in Hawaii.

“I know it sounds crazy, but coming home to Hawaii always gives me different emotional responses,” he said. “I grew up on this island, my family wrestled on this island. Makes me smile because in a way it’s my responsibility to fight them.

“Our ancestors are always watching, so as long as I have a heartbeat and two skillful hands, we will get the job done and finish the job.”

Johnson has always been extremely proud and open about his Samoan heritage and the powerful impact it had on his life, so it only makes sense that he would draw on that spirit to move on.

Among the comments on Johnson’s post was one from his cousin and stuntman Tanoai Reid, who wrote: “This is my uso (brother)! Always finish things strong, no matter what!”

His fighting spirit was particularly strong last year, when he worked tirelessly both on the game and on producing his passion project, the DCEU adaptation of comic book antihero Black Adam.

The star often shared her photos from training and filming. He explained that it was especially difficult to achieve and maintain this “superhero body”.

Fans will be able to see the results of his work when Black Adam’s world premiere takes place on October 21st.