The stars of the South Korean remake of “Paper House” revealed the secrets

OUR highly anticipated South Korean remake of the Spanish action thriller money robbery debuted on Netflix last week and has already become one of the most popular series in the world.

Recently, the show’s stars Yoo Ji Tae, Jung Jung Seo, and Park Hae Soo performed in front of South Korea. El magazine about their experience with the remake.

Money Heist: Korea Unified Economic Zone follows an anonymous band of robbers who join forces for an ambitious large-scale heist at the fictional United Korean Mint. Yu plays the mastermind behind the operation, while his all-star heist team includes Pak (known as Berlin) and Chon (known as Tokyo).

Describing one of the biggest differences between the original series and the Korean remake, Yoo said: El: “The two-season plot from the original version was compressed to just 12 episodes. [for our remake]. There is no exposition for the sake of exposition, and we deliver only the key points of the plot as needed. There is a certain pleasure in the rapid development of the plot.

As for Pak, he admitted he feels pressure to play Berlin, a fan-favorite character in the Spanish original. He explained his interpretation: “Although Berlin is a fictional character, you can see him as a kind of metaphor for the situation between North Korea and South Korea, which makes his story all the more abandoned.”

Jeon revealed what she thought were the strengths of the remake. “[The drama] does a great job of depicting the near future,” she said. El. “The situation between North Korea and South Korea adds an element of tension and uncertainty, and also carries a sense of unity. This two-sided situation completely fills the background environment of the Mint.”

First six episodes Money Heist: Korea Unified Economic Zone are currently on Netflix, with the remaining six episodes set to premiere on an unspecified date.