Ultra Long Range Electric Vehicle Batteries: qilin

CATL, the world’s leading supplier of electric batteries, has unveiled a prototype battery for electric vehicles, Qilin. The Qilin is the world’s first electric car as it boasts a range that rivals a full tank of an internal combustion engine car. On a single charge, Qilin provides a range of up to 1,000 kilometers at a power density of 255 watt-hours per kilogram, making it a scalable solution depending on vehicle size.

Qilin will not only be the most efficient EV battery on the market, but also one of the most affordable. Tu Le, managing director of Sino Auto, stated, “Being the cheapest supplier is not enough to win loyalty, it needs something more – and that seems to be the Qilin battery for CATL,” speaking of a competitive electric vehicle. battery market.

According to CATL, the Qilin battery is as much as 13% more powerful than the upcoming battery from Tesla, one of CATL’s biggest customers.

Image credit: CATL