What’s next? Vodacom CEO Shamil Jusub talks about 5G and the future of the cellular industry

Shamil Jusub is the CEO of Vodacom and one of South Africa’s most respected telecom executives.

He joined Vodacom in 1994, where he served as Managing Director until 2010. He was then appointed CEO of Vodacom Spain and in 2012 became CEO of Vodacom Group.

Joosub has played a vital role in Vodacom’s growth into one of South Africa’s leading telecommunications companies and has seen the company introduce the country’s first commercial LTE and 5G mobile networks.

In this What’s Next interview, Aki Anastasiou meets with Jusub to discuss Vodacom’s 5G rollout and the future of South Africa’s cellular industry.

Jusub discusses Vodacom’s significant infrastructure investments over the past year, including R1 billion in the Western Cape and R450 million in Mpumalanga.

He outlines the main directions for Vodacom’s 5G rollout and network expansion, and highlights some of the biggest hurdles the company has faced.

Jusub also discusses Vodacom’s plan of action after the frequency auction ends.

Finally, Yoosub talks about Vodacom’s plans for the rest of 2022 and discusses his outlook for the cellular industry over the next few years.

The full interview with Shamil Jusub of Vodacom can be seen below.

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