Dansby Swanson has Atlanta Braves growing in NL East

In a weekend game against the Dodgers, the Braves honored Freeman. who signed a six-year, $162 million contract with Los Angeles. in the off-season after 12 years in Atlanta and gave him a World Series ring. He cried at the press conference before the Friday game, during the ring ceremony and during the applause before his first fight.

Southern California’s Freeman wanted to stay in Atlanta, but accepted a larger offer from the Dodgers when the club that selected him decided not to go along with it. Drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2015 but traded to his hometown team that same year, will Swanson be a star to stay?

“I mean, who knows, right? he said, adding that he and his fiancée, professional football player Mallory Pugh, had been praying for his future. Swanson, who has a career .742 OPS, later added, “It was a huge blessing to be here. I have four nephews and they are all here and seeing them grow up and being with my family and friends and the people I grew up with and my community of people is an amazing blessing and definitely something I don’t take as it should.”

D’Arnot said he hoped Swanson would stay in Atlanta for the rest of his career. The two have already helped the team win a championship, but are aiming for one of the hardest things to achieve in baseball: back-to-back titles. The last team to repeat the championship was the Yankees, who won three in a row from 1998 to 2000. This is 21 consecutive seasons without a single repeat winner, the longest such streak in league history.

“To do it again, we know the odds are against us,” d’Arnot said. He later added, “You can’t control injuries, you can’t control how people play, you can’t control how teams play against you. The only thing you can really control is your attitude.”

The start of the season change two weeks earlier than last year should also help.