The INOMICS Awards, now in its sixth year, remain unique in that they recognize career development institutions around the world.

Based on the summation of the total interest in proposals published on INOMICS during the previous year (see methodology) winners were selected in 7 different categories. In each category, we determine the top 3 institutions, as well as those included in the top 20, listed in no particular order.

Awards (past awards) we hope to acknowledge the universities, think tanks, schools of economics, banks, think tanks, and public and private institutions that listed their career and study opportunities at INOMICS in 2021 and were the most popular among our users.

INOMICS Directory 2022

The full list of award winners can be found in the INOMICS 2022 Handbook, along with expert career advice from economics professors and a fascinating interview with economic historian Adam Tooze, who shares his knowledge of the economic landscape. Download the INOMICS guide for free.

3 best employers

University of Copenhagen (Denmark)

University of Cape Town (South Africa)

Queen Mary University of London (United Kingdom)

Top 3 course organizers

Free University of Amsterdam (Netherlands)

University of St. Gallen (Switzerland)

Barcelona School of Economics (Spain)

Top 3 Places to Get a Master’s Degree

Luxembourg University (Luxembourg)

CERGE-EI (Czech)

University of Alicante (Spain)

3 Best Places to Get a PhD

Graduate School of Economic and Social Sciences (GESS), University of Mannheim (Germany)

University of Surrey (United Kingdom)

University of Constance (Germany)

Top 3 conference organizers

Socio-Economic Prospects Review (RSEP)

Ruhr Higher School of Economics (RGS Econ) (Germany)

Masters International Research and Development Center

Top 3 organizers of the Summer School

Oxford University (United Kingdom)

Paris School of Economics (France)

University of Surrey (United Kingdom)

Top 3 Fellows

SEMFI (Spain)

Institute for Employment Research (IAB) (Germany)

UniCredit Fund

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