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PER For more than two decades, Jay Chou’s music has been the soundtrack to the lives of millions of fans around the world. Since his debut in 2000, the Taiwanese singer has composed and produced some of the best Chinese-language songs in the industry.

Whether it’s an upbeat or emotional track, Jay Chou has captivated the audience with his music. And his impressive 30 million records sold worldwide are proof of his massive star power. Therefore, it’s almost impossible for us to pick a Jay Chou favorite track.

But as his upcoming Carnival World Tour in 2023 marks his 20th year in the industry, we think it would be nice to revisit some of the old tracks from his distinguished catalogue. Here are six songs that, in our personal opinion, best capture his essence and artistry.

1. Chrysanthemum Terrace

Written for his 2006 drama film The Curse of the Golden Flower. Chrysanthemum Terrace is a soft ballad that fuses ancient Chinese music with modern pop music. To match the movie’s message, Jay Chou uses the chrysanthemum flower as a symbol of sadness and goodbye.

The song’s lyrics reflect the sense of hopelessness and desperation experienced by the characters in the film. After the release, the track with the film became a favorite with both viewers and critics.

Not only did it win Jay Chou the award for Best Song from an Original Film at the 2007 Hong Kong Film Awards, but it also gave songwriter Vincent Fang a nomination in the Best Lyricist category at the 18th Golden Melody Awards. “.

Album: Still Life Fantasy

Release date: 2006


A slightly happier tune, this romantic summer number captures the feelings of a sun-drenched summer romance. In the issue, Jay Chou, as usual, uses his poetic devices to describe the strong romantic feelings he has for his beloved.

In fact, he compares her to the pretty Odora, who intoxicates him with her scent. He is so passionate that he writes “I love you” at the end of every poem he composes for her. The soulful lyrics and tender melody made this song one of the most romantic melodies that Jay Chou has ever offered.

Album: common jasmine orange

Came out: 2004

3. Not good enough for you

Speaking of romance, Jay Chou takes romance up a notch with this haunting ballad. Not good enough for you. As the title suggests, the ballad is about the insecurities experienced by a partner after the end of a romantic relationship.

But unlike his other love songs, this track perfectly analyzes the situation within his life as a pop star. For example, in a music video, viewers witness how pop star fame can ruin their romantic relationship.

This realistic perspective is a breath of fresh air as it shows that a relationship with a celebrity isn’t all it needs to be.

Album: On the run

Came out: 2007

4. Dao Xiang

If you think Jay Chou can only sing love songs, think again! The Taiwanese native brags about his ability and range as a lyricist and composer with Dao Xiang. But what makes this track special is its purpose. Jay Chou composed and dedicated the melody to the victims of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake.

Hence, it has inspiring and motivating lyrics that encourage listeners to be grateful for what they have. These lines, in particular, were inspired by the sad event of 2008 – “I ask you to turn on the TV and see how many people are courageously doing their best to keep going through life / Shouldn’t we be content with what we have? You must cherish everything, even if you don’t have it.”

In addition to its humanitarian message, Dao Xiang also resonated well with listeners due to its wisdom and nostalgia.

Here, Jay Chou sings of the connection between contentment, success, and one’s roots – one can only be truly happy and peaceful when one learns to appreciate one’s roots and the little things in life.

Album: Capricorn

Came out: 2008

5. Listen to mom

One of Jay Chou’s most personal songs to date. listen mama sees a Taiwanese star honoring her mother. As many fans know, Jay Chou was raised by a single mother who worked very hard to support him.

So he wrote this tune to tell the story of how her advice and sacrifice over the years made him who he is today. Jay Chou demonstrates this by showing two versions of himself: an adult and a younger one.

And throughout the song and music video, grown-up Jay Chou advises his younger self to listen to his mother and follow her advice. The track has become a popular tune to honor mothers over the years, especially around Mother’s Day.

Album: Still Life Fantasy

Came out: 2006

6. Fearless

Another soundtrack from Jay Chou’s discography, Fearless was the theme song for the 2006 martial arts film Jet Li. Fearless. Its fast-paced melody and lyrics definitely reflect the film’s tense plot. In fact, Jet Li was so impressed with the tune that he joked that it could be even more deadly than his punches.

“I think the chance to get a young idol to write a song for my film makes me feel very proud. In fact, I was a little worried before because his singing speed is faster than my fist,” Jet Li joked in a 2006 interview.

But for us Fearless makes the list not only because of the catchy melody, but also because of Jay Chou’s vocals. It was one of the first times an artist really experimented and pushed the boundaries of vocals.

Album: Fearless

Came out: 2005