Settlement Risk: Tuesday: Case-Schiller House Prices

on Estimated risk per 06/27/2022 21:00:00

Mortgage rates From Matthew Graham of Mortgage News Daily: Mortgage rates moderately higher at the beginning of the week

As was the case many times during the 2022 rate hike, there is a much higher degree of variation between lenders compared to more stable rate periods. The average lender was only moderately higher when it comes to mortgage rate quotes today. It is noteworthy that the bond market assumed a larger jump. The actual jump may have been smaller due to a more conservative rate-setting strategy among mortgage lenders on Friday afternoon. [30 year fixed 5.88%]
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• At 9:00 AM ET, S&P/Case-Shiller House Price Index for April. The consensus is to increase the Comp 20 index for April by 21.0% year on year.

• At 9:00, FHFA House Price Index for April 2021. Initially, these were repeat sales only on the GSE, however, there is also an extended index.

• At 10:00, Richmond Fed Operations Overview for June.

For COVID (focus on hospitalizations and deaths):

COVID metrics
Currently A week
Percentage fully vaccinated 66.9% ≥70.0%one
Fully vaccinated (millions) 222.1 ≥232one
new cases per day3🚩 100 674 98 301 ≤50002
hospitalized3 22 861 24 833 ≤30002
Deaths per day3🚩 290 289 ≤502
one The minimum to achieve “herd immunity” (estimated at 70% to 85%).
2my goals are to stop daily fasting,
37-day mean for cases currently hospitalized and deaths
🚩 7 day average week increase for cases, hospitalizations and deaths

✅ Goal achieved.

COVID-19 Positive tests per dayClick on the graph to enlarge the image.

This graph shows the daily (bars) and 7-day average (line) of reported deaths.

The average daily death rate bottomed out in July 2021 at 214 people per day.