Bison gores Yellowstone visitor, second attack this year

This week, a 34-year-old Colorado man was gored by a charging bison while walking in Yellowstone National Park with his family, the park said in a statement.

The man was walking in a group Monday along the boardwalk in the park near the Old Faithful geyser when he was attacked by a bison, park officials said.

“Family members did not leave the area, and the bison continued to attack and impale the male,” Yellowstone said in a statement.

Video of the attack received by CNN, the bison can be seen running towards the group, which included two more adults and a child. The animal stopped at the boardwalk, shook its head, and dug into the ground. He then jumped over the boardwalk and lunged at the people, who ran. The man, whose identity has not been established, grabbed a child who was in front of the attacking bison. The massive mammal then headbutted the man, lifting both the man and the child into the air.

Then they jumped up and ran away from the buffalo, which eventually started walking in the opposite direction.

The man’s arm was injured in the attack and he was taken to the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center, according to Yellowstone officials.

Monday’s incident is the second buffalo gore in the park in the past month.

On May 30, a 25-year-old Ohio woman reportedly approached a bison, coming within 10 feet of it, the park said. Then the buffalo gored her and threw her 10 feet into the air.

Yellowstone requires visitors to stay at least 25 yards from bison at all times.

The woman was stabbed and taken to the same medical center as the man during Monday’s attack.

“Bison have injured more people in Yellowstone than any other animal,” the park said in a statement. “They are unpredictable and can run three times faster than humans.”