CVS lifts restriction on purchase of Plan B pills, says sales ‘back to normal’

CVS removes the purchase limit he placed on the emergency contraceptive pillFollowing a Supreme Court ruling last week, the network said on Tuesday.

The change comes as sales have returned to normal levels and will be made both in stores and online over the next 24 hours, CVS said.

A ban on emergency contraceptives, commonly known as “morning pills” and sold under names including “Plan B,” went into effect on Saturday. This prevented shoppers from buying more than three at a time to “ensure equal access,” the pharmacy chain said earlier. The restriction came after the chain said there was a “surge” in sales of the pills after Friday’s Supreme Court decision to overturn a landmark ruling that constitutionally protected the right to abortion for nearly 50 years.

As of late Tuesday, the network’s website still had a three-purchase purchase limit for Plan B One Step and Aftera.

Amazon also has a cap on emergency contraceptives., confirmed by CNBC. BUT walmart A spokesperson said on Tuesday that many of the chain’s products have restrictions on online purchases that may change “in times of fluctuating demand.” walgreens has no limit on the purchase of emergency contraceptives, a spokesman said on Monday.

Emergency contraceptive pills are different from medical abortion. or abortion pillswhich require a prescription and involve taking two different pills during 10 weeks of pregnancy. Kaiser Family Foundation.

— Melissa Repko and Annie Palmer of CNBC contributed to this report.