Folding handhelds: penkesu

Penk Chen, an independent developer and designer, introduced Penkesu, a multi-purpose portable computer. The name Penkesu comes from the words “pencil case”, as the device is built into a case that resembles a folding pencil case. It is not actually named after Penk, the creator of the computer.

Penkesu is based on the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W system, which allows you to do everything from watching videos to developing simple applications. Even though the device is not very powerful, it is incredibly compact and affordable. Chen stated that he had no intention of selling the device on a large scale, and he decided to distribute the schematics of the device for free on the Internet. This allows people with experience with Raspberry Pi systems to create their own Penkesu. Materials for the device may vary in cost depending on the region, but the price is approximately $150.

Image Credit: Penk Chen