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Lambert and I, and many readers, agree that Ukraine has created the worst information environment ever. We hope that readers will cooperate in softening the fog of war – both real fog and stage fog – in the comments. None of us need more support and repetition of unlinked memes; there are platforms for that. Pom-poms of little value without references will be destroyed without delay.

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NASA scientists say Webb images nearly brought them to tears Ars Technica (Fluffy Mouse).

Donkeys guarding livestock in a northern battle with gray wolves MLive Michigan

Markets Signal Pyrrhic Victory for Inflation John Outers, Bloomberg. Which.

Back to Peak Inflation big picture

Half too smart Epsilon Theory


Mortality and cost of climate-related natural disasters can be grossly underestimated bloomberg

Gabon plans world’s largest carbon credit issuance bloomberg

Overview of the EPR situation controlled by corporations in 2022 Diving with waste. EPR = Extended Producer Responsibility.

# COVID-19

BioNTech and Pfizer to Start Trial of Universal Coronavirus Vaccine Reuters

How better information about pandemics and epidemics will prepare the world for future threats Nature. “Working together to become stronger is critical: ensuring transparency and data sharing is more important than ever in a global context with growing challenges regarding data openness, reliability and validity.” Don’t know. Sounds like a Davos man would be thrilled. Readers?

How Japan Achieved One of the Lowest Covid Death Rates in the World Bloomberg. “If the US Japan’s death rate, only 82,000 people would have died. Not 1 million+.”

China vs. US on Covid risk analysis:

COVID-19. One big breath Rodin


Monkeypox: what we know and don’t know about recent outbreaks American Society for Microbiology

We don’t know anything:

Overly stringent testing criteria, as with Covid, means our numbers are all bad:


Xi Jinping says China will push for ‘zero Covid’ despite economic risks South China Morning Post

Xi Jinping says Hong Kong is “reborn” after overcoming risks bloomberg

Hong Kong resistance will live SoupChina

Chas Freeman, former US Assistant Secretary of Defense:


A car that got out of control Himal Magazine

This is a very bad idea:

First, the situation on the ground, militarily and politically, has moved in a direction that Aung San Suu Kyi is unable to manage. Secondly, the return of ASK to power is a slap in the face of the Rohingya, and therefore federalism, since their massacre took place before her eyes. All that ASK has for her is fame in the West and the credibility of NGOs. Come to think of it, this is my third point.


Why does Israel keep killing Iranian officials? Because it works. Foreign policy

US President Biden backs African Development Bank’s plan to feed Africa Marawi Post


UK extends steel tariffs, violating WTO commitments Agence France Presse

Union Boss becomes British media surprise star WSJ

Poll: Just 5% of voters in Northern Ireland trust Britain to resolve trade disputes Politico

Scottish Independence: Most Scots Oppose Nicola Sturgeon October 2023 Referendum Date Scot

New not-so-cold war

Ukraine pushes Russian troops out of Snake Island, which is a setback for Moscow. NEW. Of course, I need confirmation and interpretation from a reliable source.

* * *

Syria recognizes Lugansk and Donetsk regions of Ukraine AP

Biden administration backs F-16 sale to Turkey (Resilc).

Ships are getting dark: Russian grain smuggling in the Black Sea FT

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This entire threadstarts here) is required reading. A few significant points:

As well as:


“Being America’s enemy can be dangerous, but being America’s friend is fatal.” –Henry Kissinger

Ukraine is the last catastrophe of the neoconservatives Geoffrey Sachs, Tikkun. Good resume.

Delusion Nicolo Soldo, Foucault’s Fist. Kolodka: “The US government’s Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE) is holding a briefing on the ‘moral and strategic’ need to partition Russia.” Convenient map:

Serve oriental pieces to China on a silver platter, well done.

Military Briefing: NATO Brings Back Cold War Doctrine to Counter Russian Threat FT

Historical Pact of Colombia baffler

Biden administration

Sources say Biden unlikely to follow up on bold Democratic demands after abortion decision Reuters. “Biden and officials are concerned that more radical action will spark political polarization ahead of the November midterm elections, undermine public confidence in institutions like the Supreme Court, or be deprived of a solid legal basis, sources inside and outside the White House say.”


The cancellation of Roe could change how digital advertisers use location data. Can they regulate themselves? Protocol

United for Life Americans Propose Model Abortion Restriction Bills to States Teenage fashion

a lack of

Major aluminum producer closes Manufacturing business technologies

Russian gas cuts threaten world’s largest chemical hub WSJ

Lack of medical contrast dye leads to delays in diagnostic and surgical procedures WSWS

Infant formula plant remains closed for flood relief; no word on how long it will take Food safety news

Geography in transition phenomenal world

Supply chain

Rice saves Asia as war in Ukraine raises food prices WSJ

Traders are shifting to China-Europe freight trains as European port congestion intensifies Hellenic Shipping News

Tipping point of black injustice

1955 warrant found in Emmett Till case; family demands arrest Politico

Guillotine clock

Climate damage caused by rising space tourism needs urgent mitigation (press release) University College London (dk). Original.

Samaritan’s Wallet Accumulates Over $1 Billion in Assets, Alarming Roy’s report

class war

Policy Strategies to Address Current Threats to U.S. Nursing Workers NEZHM. “We argue that there is not a shortage of nurses, but a shortage of hospitals that provide nurses with safe working conditions and adequate pay and benefits. ”

Urgent: Pfizer hires an army of anti-union fighters labor laboratory

The debate continues about whether hot water freezes faster than cold water. Quanta. Charming!

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