Should we apologize to this guy?

We recently received the following email from Yu ChenA 29-year-old engineering supervisor from California who moved to the US from China when she was 16 years old.

I listened episode about diamonds and instead asked my boyfriend for an engagement gold bar. Then I heard episode of the layoffso I broke up with him. Since then I have been very happy! Thanks for the great podcasts!

Nice to see that we have results!

I contacted Yu via email and this is what she had to say:

Lately, my family has been pressuring me to find someone. So I’m trying to apply what I know to dating. I was delighted when I heard online dating series. I used to meet two of my previous boyfriends. I used a selection system in which “candidates” must be able to have meaningful conversations with me via email for two weeks prior to the “interview”. Then I bid for an interview. I met with three candidates a week. I understand that this is a two-way choice. We make our choice for the first three dates. This allowed me to get to know the most suitable candidates in a short time.

I thank Freakonomics and TED Talks for my recent break. Freakonomics told me I was less likely to regret leaving. TED Talks said I should reject everyone within the first 37% of my dating window and marry the next best. So I will reject everyone I meet before 7/28. I’m on the right track.