Stealing hearts and minds

POPULAR money robbery, which was released on Netflix in 2017, quickly became a worldwide hit. The announcement of the Korean remake didn’t come as as much of a surprise as the original. money robbery was considered one of the streaming platform’s biggest blockbusters internationally.

six parts Money Heist: Korea Unified Economic Zone takes place in a unique geopolitical setting. The story begins in the alternate universe year 2025, when the current joint security zone between the now “unified” North and South Korea was transformed into a joint economic zone centered around the Unified Korean Mint.

A professor (Yoo Ji-tae) gathers a unique gang of thieves to pull off a heist never seen before. A new dynamic conflict has emerged between North and South Korea. Because of the differences between the communist North and the capitalist South, the expected formation of a common currency depends on economic policy.

The professor’s and the thieves’ obsession with committing a theft that will change the world without getting their hands dirty is central to the plot. And everything should be based on the Professor’s main rule – no one should die, not even for four trillion won.

One thing that works for this version is the sincere performances from the all-star cast. Other than the names, the characters have nothing to do with the Spanish version. money robbery. Each character’s story has been revised to reflect the “Korean” scenario. The actors did not imitate or make the characters look exaggerated compared to the original version. I would say that this is the show’s strongest contribution. Yoo Ji Tae is almost perfect as the professor – sure, he doesn’t adjust his glasses like Alvaro Morte from the original series, but every time he appears on screen, he manages to win people’s hearts with his cool personality.

Kim Yunjin, who plays Crisis Negotiation Team Leader Son Woojin, is strong and portrays the character seamlessly. And of course, we can’t forget Park Hae Soo, the outstanding actor who played the suave but terrifying Berlin. One of the brightest stars of last year squid gamePark adds another incredible series to his resume.

His interpretation of Berlin is also cuter than the original – no disrespect to actor Pedro Alonso, which is a good sign. And we can’t forget the rest of the cast. As the narrator of the series Tokyo (Jung Jung Seo), he is moody and cold as ever. She also has a more interesting backstory that adds to the complexity of her personality. Rio (Lee Hyun Woo), an innocent-looking hacker, rich, spoiled kid with brains. Strong Helsinki (Kim Ji-hoon) and Oslo (Lee Kyu-ho), indistinguishable from each other, but recognizable as a couple.

The adorable “saturi” accent that can be heard from Denver (another Kim Ji Hoon) and his father Moscow (Lee Won Jung) adds to the characters’ local vibe. The Nairobi swindler (Jang Yun-joo) is as blunt as ever, exuding casualness and funny silliness that helps lift the spirits. What sets each character’s appeal apart is that they all exude strength and energy and are capable of a wide range of activities.

Fans of the Spanish series may find the Korean adaptation repetitive without any new twists. However, if you’re seeing it for the first time, it has everything you’re looking for: a superb cast, performance, and exciting elements that keep you on your toes throughout the movie. Money theft: Korea is a good watch for fans of Korean dramas, but may or may not be suitable for fans of the original adaptations. However, I would recommend this show for the history of the Korean Peninsula and what the implications of its unification might mean for the future.

Money Heist: Korea-Joint Economic Zone currently streaming on Netflix.

DIRECTOR: Kim Hong Song

CAST: Yoo Ji Tae, Park Hae Soo, Jung Jung Seo, Lee Won Jung and Park Myung Hoon


PLOT- eight