Top Professional Economics Courses

Learning should be more than just what you do at school and university—for maximum personal development and career prospects, further education is always valuable.

Professional skills in economics include data analysis skills, developing practical solutions to complex problems and, of course, knowledge of the concepts of subject economics. For professionals working in the field of economics, it is especially important to keep abreast of the latest developments in these rapidly changing areas. Here is our selection of great advanced training courses in economics.

Cornell University

Course provider: Cornell University

Location: online

The date of the beginning: August 10, 2022

Payment: 500 dollars

Supply and demand. Benefit and cost analysis. Resource allocation. In this certification program, you will learn how to apply key microeconomic concepts to create the critical business foundation that every manager needs to make effective decisions. You will gain a deeper understanding of international trade, labor markets, credit and foreign exchange markets, and competition between companies.

You will be able to make predictions about how prices and volumes will change as market conditions fluctuate and discover different pricing, production and market analysis models. Whether you are a business consultant or analyst, an aspiring executive or an experienced executive, you will receive the essential economic tools you can apply to propel your business to success in today’s changing market environment.


  • Examining Scarcity and Opportunity Costs
  • Price and equilibrium analysis
  • Carrying out market analysis and price forecasting
  • Modeling Perfect Competition
  • Comparison of monopolies and competition

Application Deadline: Ongoing

    University of Chicago

Course provider: University of Chicago

Location: online

The date of the beginning: Continuous

Payment: $9500

Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (known as VUCA) are some of the major factors affecting the business world today. That’s why professionals should arm themselves with the tools they need to make effective financial decisions in the context of 21st century VUCA.

Leveraging the University of Chicago’s leadership in the financial sector as well as behavioral economics and analytics, our ten-month Financial Management and Decision Making for the 21st Century certification program is designed to provide solid theoretical knowledge on cutting-edge financial topics as well as offer practical application for you at work.

Application Deadline: Ongoing

Stanford University

Course provider: Stanford University

Location: online

The date of the beginning: Continuous

Payment: $1975 (full access plan)

The Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies (EIET) program studies new technologies, policies, economics, finance, and governance that will change the way energy is produced, distributed, stored, and used. With a variety of online energy courses, you can focus your learning based on your interests.

This online energy education program brings together the world’s most distinguished energy and sustainability researchers to share their knowledge and experience. Some parts of the modules are technical in nature, so a background in science or engineering is helpful but not required.

Application Deadline: Ongoing

Michigan State University

Course provider: Michigan State University

Location: online

Dates: Continuous

The festival: $817.25 per credit hour

The nine-credit Graduate Certificate in Accounting Analytics online program is designed to meet the professional development needs of accounting professionals and also provides an alternative path for students seeking to complete the 150 hour rule for CPA certification.

Information processing technologies and the availability of data are changing the way accountants work and do what they do. The program focuses not only on understanding the accounting implications of new data analysis technologies and developing technical skills, but also on project management. The certificate provides a foundation for understanding and adapting to this rapidly changing environment.

Application Deadline: Ongoing

Drexel University

Course provider: Drexel University

Location: Online / in person

The date of the beginning: September 1, 2022

The Drexel LeBow Certification in Business Intelligence Management is designed to highlight the importance of aligning analytics with business objectives and the importance of understanding the relationship between strategies and value and the role that analytics play in that relationship. Students learn the basic principles of management that can be used to achieve strategic alignment.

Classes are held in person or online in an asynchronous format. The certificate includes one required course with three credits. Students choose three other elective courses to earn a certificate.

Application Deadline: Ongoing

Radboud University

Course provider: Radboud University

Location: Personally

Dates: August 22 – 25, 2022

The festival: €100

RUCAM Political Economy Seminar for Aspiring Economists (Associate Professors, Lecturers, Postdocs, (Advanced) PhD Students) from August 22 to August 25, 2022. The purpose of the seminar is to learn about modeling approaches in a particular area of ​​political economy, to promote the exchange of research ideas and to build a network of researchers working with analytical models. The workshop consists of:

  • Postgraduate teaching by Allan Drazen (Professor at the University of Maryland) and Toke Eidt (Reader at the University of Cambridge) in the morning;
  • Research presentations (45 min.) Participants in the afternoon in the presence of Prof. Draczen and/or Dr. Eidt;
  • Evening activities (panel on analytical modeling, cooking class and gala dinner).

Application deadline: July 10, 2022

Stanford University

Course provider: FROMtanford university

Location: online

Dates: Continuous

The festival: $129

Dive into the fast-growing field of data science with Stanford University’s Fundamentals of Data Science professional program. Consisting of three comprehensive and introductory online courses, this program will teach you the basic programming and statistics skills you need to start a career in data science—no prior experience required.

Learn from Stanford tutors with step-by-step instructions, listen to advice from industry experts, and develop your understanding with case studies and real-life examples. The program includes ungraded programming exercises to help develop and practice your skills. No final exam or final project required.

Application Deadline: Ongoing

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