Elegant Connected E-Bikes: Ghost 1

British electric bike manufacturer Specter has unveiled its latest Specter 1 electric bike. This bike boasts a full carbon fiber frame that allows it to reach high speeds while remaining lightweight. The bike is powered by a 700W bottom bracket motor and a 750Wh lithium battery. This results in the Specter 1 reaching a top pedaling speed of 28 mph and a range of 25 to 68 miles. The 25 mile range assumes no manual pedaling, while the full 68 mile range assumes maximum manual pedaling.

Specter 1’s most eye-catching features are its elegant design and connected touch display. The entire bike has a modern carbon fiber frame that gives it a futuristic urban design. Paired with a bright LED headlight and minimalist LED brake light, the Specter 1 leaves no design choice untouched.

As for the smart display, the bike has a six-inch touchscreen built into the handlebar that can connect via both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This HD display is waterproof and weather resistant and can be controlled with a dedicated mobile app.

Image Credit: Ghost