Kimmel host Chelsea Handler has the perfect message for men everywhere

Chelsea Handler on Thursday there was a long message for men with a very simple point: “Get your hairy asses up” and stand up for women’s rights.

comedian who filling as host”Jimmy Kimmel live“Dedicated my monologue this week to a post on the Supreme Court’s decision to reverse Roe v. Wade and deprive women of their longstanding right to legal abortions.

“Now I hesitate to ask men for help because I know what will happen. I’m going to get a manplay on how to win back my rights,” Handler said. “Shut up, okay? You are doing work for a change. And do not open your mouth until you repeat: “Her body, her choice.”

“Men can do a lot to help women,” she added. “For example, do not create laws that kill women. You should stop voting for people who wouldn’t defend your wife, sister, mother, and your grandmother’s right to choose what comes out of her Pikachu.”

Check out her Jimmy Kimmel Live roast below.