Nick Kyrgios enjoys impeccable performance at Wimbledon against Filip Krajinovic

The Aussie had a masterclass in pitching, beating Krajinovic, the defeated Royal Club finalist two weeks ago, in just an hour and 25 minutes on Thursday, throwing 24 aces in a 6-2 6-3 6-1 win. .

It was a high-profile performance, and Kyrgios knew it.

“I just wanted to prove to people that I’m really good,” he told reporters, “and sometimes I feel like they just don’t respect me.”

Kyrgios has long been a controversy in tennis: on the one hand, he is one of the best artists and talents; on the other hand, a player who is criticized for his behavior on the court and outbursts of anger at judges.

But against Krajinovic, he let his tennis speak for itself and seemed completely unplayable at times.

Only at the beginning of the second set, the Serb took off a point from the serve of Krigios, which he managed to do only nine times in a match.

Kyrgios celebrates the win against Krajinovic in less than 90 minutes.

At one point, the speed cannon on the court stopped working, but it later sprang to life again just in time to deliver Kyrgios’ 135 mph serve, eight mph short of his 2019 tournament record.

Adding to his masterful serve were a few skillful touches—notably a perfectly weighted cross that delivered his first break of the third set, prompting chants of “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie” from his gold-clad fans – and a clean, accurate strike. from the baseline.

“I really wanted to go there today and remind everyone that I can play really good tennis without any distractions,” Kyrgios said. “The crowd loved it today and it was just businesslike.”

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The 27-year-old has not always endeared himself to the Wimbledon crowd. He admitted after the first round match against Briton Paul Jubba that he spat at a fan who he thought “didn’t respect” him.

When asked about the incident after Thursday’s game, Kyrgios was optimistic. “Today I played with Filip Krajinovic. Do you want to know how I played? he shot back.

Kyrgios spoke out against the media several times during the post-match press conference.

“The media just couldn’t tell me that I did something wrong today,” he said, reflecting on his speech.

“I only know that you can’t ask me anything and not arouse anything. I like it because you can’t write anything. What are you going to say? Nothing today. I freaked you all out.

Indeed, some of his shots against Krajinovic were amazingly good. During the match, he scored 50 victories, including a backhanded backhand that sealed the win.

This led to an extremely exciting third round clash with Stefanos Tsitsipas after the fourth seed in a row defeated Jordan Thompson.

Kyrgios (left) and Krajinovic (right) shake hands after a Wimbledon second round match.

The deep run at Wimbledon seems belated to Kyrgios. His best result here remains reaching the quarterfinals in 2014, when he made his tournament debut at the age of 19, beating the then world No. 1 Rafael Nadal.

On Thursday, Kyrgios withdrew from the men’s doubles to give himself a chance to recover: “I play singles, my priority has always been singles,” he explained. Wimbledon is “circled on my calendar for nearly the entire year”.

“Usually this is a tournament where I think this is my best chance of winning a Grand Slam tournament out of all four,” Kyrgios added.

Peace No. The 40-year-old is rarely afraid to speak up, and this year was no exception. In May Kyrgios spoke openly about mental health issues he dealt throughout his tennis career, recounting his struggles with drug and alcohol abuse, as well as self-harm.

He told Wide World of Sports that at one point in his life he felt “worthless” and suffered greatly from abuse on social media. However, he added that the Covid-19 pandemic has helped him improve his mental health, and at Wimbledon, Kyrgios said he has a more positive attitude.

“I just feel comfortable in my own skin. Some people like to just tear me down, but that’s just not possible,” he said.

Play the way he played on Thursday, and on the court of Kyrgios, too, no one will be able to disrupt, such was his superiority over Krajinovic.

“I am very confident in myself, all the difficulties that I have overcome in my life,” he said.

“I am proud to be here and to do it my way. Being able to produce this kind of tennis at Wimbledon is a tennis player’s dream.”