Semiconductor: Tamil Nadu receives 25,000 kr IGSS Ventures Semiconductor Park.

in Singapore IGSS Venturesone of three contenders for central government incentives to create semiconductor production units, chose Tamil Nadu as the location of the plant.

The state government said on Friday that “a memorandum of understanding was signed today between IGSS Ventures Pvt Ltd and the Tamil Nadu State Authority to establish a high-tech semiconductor park…”

The State Department of Management said it had designated nine strategic sites, including two sites near Chennai, to house the semiconductor manufacturing plant. stunning.

The factory will produce wafers ranging from 28 nanometers (nm), 45 nm and 65 nm, as well as the infrastructure of an industry ecosystem that includes semiconductor circuit designers, material suppliers, equipment suppliers, and semiconductor assembly and testing (OSAT), he said. . players.

The state government “gives the highest priority to the development of semiconductor manufacturing in the state. The state is traditionally strong in the automotive and auto parts sector and is growing in electronics, which has factory feedback, making the state an ideal location for a factory in India,” said Pooja Kulkarni, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Management Division. , in the statement.

The Rs 25,600 crore investment will be spread over five years and will create 1,500 jobs.

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IGSS is a consortium of companies dedicated to building first-class semiconductor foundries. The consortium, which will set up a semiconductor manufacturing plant called Project Suria, is an applicant under the Indian Semiconductor Mission.

“The consortium believes that a differentiation strategy that offers both core and new niche technologies with Tier 1 foundry capabilities and cost competitiveness will enable India to become a global leader in selective semiconductor technologies, in addition to offering core solutions in process nodes,” Founder and CEO of the group. This is stated in the statement of Raj Kumar.

Tamil Nadu became the second state to have a semiconductor factory.

Karnataka was the first in the quarter after the ISMC consortium selected a water-rich site in Mysore for its plant.

The Vedanta-Foxconn joint venture is still looking for a site for its plant.

Last December, the Union Cabinet approved a Rs 76,000 crore stimulus plan to encourage semiconductor, display and manufacturing in India.

Incentives were planned for silicon semiconductor manufacturing, packaging, design, display manufacturing, composite semiconductors, and silicon photonics manufacturing.

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