The red wave is coming

After reviewing 12 months of data from 1.7 million Americans, Associated Press (AP) found that people were running from the Democratic Party. The Democrats had a slight edge while Trump was in office, as the outspoken president appeared to polarize voters who thought the two parties made a good opponent. bath. Inflation is hitting a 40-year high, people can’t afford rent, crime has skyrocketed, borders are open, and we’re in the midst of an energy crisis—the list of problems the Biden administration has created is endless.

Not surprisingly, 1 million voters in 43 states switched to the Republican Party last year. The poll found middle-class voters living in the suburbs were more likely to switch parties, posing problems for Democrats who previously relied on that demographic in swing states. In the swing state of Pennsylvania, for example, party changers switched to the Republican Party from 58% to 63%.

Biden’s popularity seems to be declining every week. Democratic legislators have lost control of their cities, and crime will continue to rise along with poverty. Stirring fear of COVID did not work for long. Now people are unhappy with the “new normal” and are changing their political beliefs to fit traditional American morality.

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