Twitter says it’s testing an edit button, a day after Musk’s poll

Twitter announced via Twitter that it is indeed work on editing function for tweets.

Recently elected member of the board of directors and now the largest shareholder of Twitter. Elon Musk ran a poll on Twitter that started on Monday asking users if they needed an edit button. This is something users have been asking for a long time.

A Twitter post reads: “We’ve been working on the edit feature since last year! no, we didn’t get the idea from the survey.”

The company said it will test the feature on its paid Twitter Blue service in the coming months. It said the test would help “know what works, what doesn’t, and what’s possible.”

So it will be some time before most Twitter users can use it, if they do.

THIS IS A BIG NEWS UPDATE. The earlier history of the AP follows below.

Elon Musk, the billionaire CEO of Tesla and avid Twitter user who is now the largest shareholder of Twitter and a newly appointed board member, may ponder a long-standing user request: should there be an edit button?

Monday night Musk launched a twitter poll about whether they need an edit button, cheekily misspelling “yes” instead of “yse” and “no” instead of “on”. As of Tuesday morning, more than 3 million people have voted. The poll closes on Tuesday evening ET.

Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal retweeted the poll, apparently referring to Musk’s earlier tweet. speaking “The implications of this poll will be important. Please vote carefully.” Musk used the same language in March tweet describing another of their polls that asked if Twitter adheres to the principles of free speech.

Twitter spokeswoman Katherine Hill declined to comment on whether Agrawal was joking, and did not say whether Twitter would monitor Musk’s poll results. On Tuesday, Musk tweeted that he was looking forward to “significant improvements to Twitter in the coming months.”

Many Twitter users are among them Kim Kardashian, Ice T, Katy Perry, and a McDonald’s corporate account have long been begging for an edit button. The company itself recently teased users April Fool’s Tweet saying “We’re working on an edit button.”

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said that Twitter considered the possibility of an edit button, but in January 2020 Q&A argued that “we probably never will.” He cited a desire to preserve the spirit of the origin of Twitter text messages – texts cannot be edited – and the confusion that could result if users make changes to a tweet that has already been widely shared by others. Dorsey resigned as CEO in November 2021.

Anyway, Chief Technology Officer facebook Meta owner, Andrew Bosworth, tweeted on Monday that big changes to posts that had already gone viral weren’t a problem. (Facebook lets you edit posts.) “You just include an indicator that a post has been edited, along with a change log,” he wrote.

Answer Mask: “Facebook annoys me.”

But other people say the addition of an edit button will change the nature of Twitter, making it less valuable as a historical warehouse that holds the official statements of politicians and other dignitaries. Twitter, for better or worse, “has become the de facto news feed,” said Jennifer Griegel, a communications professor at Syracuse University and a social media expert who studies propaganda.

Tweets are often embedded in the news, which can cause problems if users edit important or controversial tweets without leaving evidence of the original claim. Grigel suggested instead giving Twitter users time to edit their tweets before they post them.

Allowing influential Twitter users to edit their tweets means they will no longer be historical statements, Grigel said. “We need to think about what are the implications, what are these tweets, who has the power.”

Musk said that the corresponding proposal for an editing window after posting in a few minutes ” sounds reasonable. ”

A mask is someone who can seemingly use the edit button. His tweet about Tesla going private at $420 a share when no funding was secured led to a $40 million SEC settlement and a requirement that Musk’s tweets be approved by a corporate lawyer. Musk still in the fight over this settlement.