Celebrities go potty creating their own cannabis brands

These days it seems like every celebrity side job – a product or line of products designed to enhance their brand beyond their usual sources of income.

In the past, celebrities have dabbled in food or clothing, but in recent years, one of the clear signs of fame is having a personal brand. hemp.

Mike Tyson, Martha Stewart as well as Bella Thorne These are just a few of the celebrities promoting their own cannabis brands and there are many more who are trying to start a cannabis related business.

Hell, celebrities don’t even have to live. estates Jerry Garcia as well as George Harrison have both licensed cannabis products and paraphernalia.

California even has a delivery service called Camp Nova which specializes in celebrity and influencer brands.

Given that 19 states and the District of Columbia legalized recreational weed while medical marijuana is legal in 37 states and the District of Columbiathis is a time of promising growth for celebrities looking to get into the realm of sativa.

“If anything, being in an emerging industry with deep cultural connections helps the celebrity image,” said Dan Wilson, e-mail.editor Visit Hollyweedmarijuana news site in California, HuffPost reported.

Wilson said musicians are the celebrity demographic most likely to benefit from being associated with cannabis.”because weed and music have had a natural affinity for decades.”

“In particular, no genre of music has discussed weed as directly as hip-hop, and so we see a lot of people from the rap game collaborating with weed brands in California. The fans are thrilled, they are the perfect couple.”

“Celebrities who want to get into cannabis should tell a story about their relationship with marijuana.”

– Dan Wilson, editor of Visit Hollyweed

Sports / Leisure Agent Clint Briney also believes that retired professional athletes can benefit from grass.

“I mean, who doesn’t know pain like, say, Peyton Manning or Serena Williams? Pain is the single biggest disease that affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined,” Briney told HuffPost.

Sydney Bantafrom cannabis marketing firm Highopes believes that the growth in the number of famous brands is likely to come at the expense of people from culinary space.

“Food and drink are categories that have just scratched the surface and there is a large untapped market for those categories,” Banta told HuffPost. “Not everyone smokes, but everyone eats and drinks. In other words, if Rachel Ray came out with a line of cannabis treats, I bet you’d open up a whole new pocket of cannabis lovers.”

Comedian Cheech Marin is one of the celebrities taking advantage of the food and cannabis connection with Manchichosrestaurant concept dedicated to stoner-central cuisine, according to Food52.com.

But tailoring specific cannabis varieties to a celebrity’s public image is something that hasn’t been done yet.

Writer for Pacific San Diego celebrated in 2020 this weed from Tyson Ranch, Mike Tyson’s previous brand of cannabis, produced an effect that made people talkative but didn’t “hit.”

Also, the high associated with comedian Tommy Chong’s brand was more intellectual rather than the expected “laugh weed,” the reporter said.

But Highopes creative director Patrick Toste said celebrity-inspired strains can be successful if done strategically.

“This approach ensures that the celebrity connection and brand partnership is perceived by consumers as genuine and not as a cash-in,” he said. “Also, it can be a great way to further attract, capture and convert that celebrity’s fans and followers into cannabis brand customers.”

“If Rachel Ray launched a line of cannabis treats, I bet you would open up a whole new pocket of cannabis lovers.”

– Sydney Banta, HighHopes.co

However, Wilson said that “it’s not practical to be so narrow as to only offer one ‘experience’ for your marijuana brand.” He claimed that celebrities are more likely to create a carefully curated collection of strains and tell customers, “I’ve tried a bunch of strains and these were my favorites, these are the ones I like and I think you’ll like them too.”

However, he said that it is possible for celebrities to identify with a particular strain if they are careful and deliberate about it.

“For example, choosing varieties based on experiences that match their persona and then always offering the same variety,” he said. “For that, they need to have a consistent growth operation.”

Carlos Dew of a Los Angeles cannabis company Very bad said that when his company collaborated with rapper Lil’ Kim on her new cannabis brand Aphrodisiak, they worked on several strains, but the first one, Hardcore, was intentionally crafted to reflect her sexy image.

Satisfying the hip-hop legend had its problems. Dew said they came up with five varieties for Lil’ Kim to try before she chose Hardcore.

“No, she didn’t try them all at the same time,” Dew said. “You can not.”

Obviously, a cannabis connection can boost a celebrity’s bank account, but according to Wilson, not every celebrity needs to jump into the cannabis business in hopes of making big money.

“Celebrities who want to get into cannabis need to tell a story about their relationship with marijuana,” Wilson said. “Ideally, they were open about weed in the works/arts they are known for, or advocated for legalization as a public figure. Without that connection, it just seems opportunistic.”

This is in line with the views of former Disney Channel star Bella Thorne, who has Trademark “Forbidden Flowers”.. She takes her role as a cannabis celebrity seriously.

“Cannabis is very important to me and part of my lifestyle,” she told HuffPost in 2021. “It just took a long time to get it fully up and running because it has a lot of moving parts. I also had to do a lot of research on where I wanted to grow cannabis, what I wanted the threads to taste like, what I wanted the brand to represent, and the aesthetics.”

Cheech Marin Munchichos


Comedian Cheech Marin has long been associated with marijuana humor. Now he fights marijuana hunger with manchichos, a chain of restaurants designed for drug addicts.

Bella Thorne


Former Disney Channel star Bella Thorne has her own brand of weed. forbidden flowers, and said she “had to do a lot of research on where I want to grow cannabis, how I want the strands to taste, what I want the brand to represent, and the aesthetic.”

Mike Tyson Cannabis


The former heavyweight champion has become a force in the cannabis world thanks to his Tyson 2.0 a brand that includes chewed ear gummies, a reference to the time in 1997 when he bit off Evander Holyfield’s ear during the WBA Heavyweight Championship.

Martha Stewart CBD


Martha Stewart apparently thinks CBD is a good thing since she has her own line of products.

Ricky Williams


Football player Ricky Williams may have retired from the NFL, but he references his former glory days with the name of his cannabis brand. “Heisman”, a pun on the Heisman trophy he won in 1998.

Willie Nelson Cannabis and hemp products

Willies Reserve.com/

If there was a Mount Rushmore of famous marijuana aficionados, Willie Nelson (with wife Annie) would surely be there. With two brands of cannabis Willy’s remedy as well as Willie ReserveThe Red Stranger proves that his favorite color can actually be green.

Travis Barker CBD


Blink-182 drummer and Kardashian are also married CBD line which focuses on pain and recovery.

Down System Shavo Odadjian


System of a Down bassist Shavo Odadjian has started his own cannabis brand. 22Red, a name inspired by his interest in numerology, especially the number 22.

Wiz Khalifa


Rapper Wiz Khalifa’s career as a cannabis entrepreneur is thriving thanks to his personal brand. Khalifa Kush.

Soulja Boy


Soulja Boy has his own line of cannabis products, Soulja Exoticaand claims on his website that he is the first rapper to grow marijuana in coconut fiber.

Jerry Garcia Estate


How long and strange has been the journey of cannabis smokers, who until recently risked arrest for indulging their desires. Times have changed so much that Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia’s family (including his daughter Trixie) has their own brand of marijuana: Garcia handpicked.

B Real Cypress Hill


Cypress Hill member B Real went crazy as a cannabis entrepreneur. In addition to our own product line, crazy cannabis, it also has its own dispensaries, Dr. green thumb.

George Harrison All Things Must Grass Collection


Back in the 60s, George Harrison popularized marijuana as a member of the Beatles. Now his estate is promoting a line of CBD products called “Everything must be grass” a play on words based on the title of his landmark solo album.

Cannabis drink by Adam Devine


Awesome 5 Freddy

Joe ShieldhornJoe Shieldhorn / BFA.com for B-Noble.com/

Trailblazing rapper and visual artist Fab 5 Freddy (right) is now putting his talents to use as a cannabis entrepreneur, working with B-noble brand.

Brook Shields CBD


Actress Brooke Shields has another part-time job: she is a brand director and director of the board of directors for Prospect Farms, a company that manufactures CBD tinctures.

Balms Floyd Landis CBD


Former professional cyclist Floyd Landis has been banned for doping. Now he has own line of CBD which aims to cure chronic pain.

AMENDMENT: A previous version of this story incorrectly attributed the quote to Sidney Bantha due to a misunderstanding on the part of the Highhopes rep.