Chile Pierde in an attempt to replace Ecuador in the World Cup

El Chile’s attempt to expel South American rival Ecuadorduring the Copa del Mundo fracasó el viernes, when the disciplinary commission of the world football rector received an announcement that Ecuador had targeted a player who had not been elected in various qualifying parties.

Giraffe case in defense defense Byron Castillo, since Chile is not only originally from Colombia, he is said to have ten years more than the numbers on the documents that identify him as an Ecuadorian. The Chilean Football Federation produces registration documents, including birth certificates, which, in turn, respond to their complaint.

In accordance with FIFA standards, a player’s decision not to choose can be taken on the loss of any game in which the player participates.

Ecuador is set to live in one of the continent’s eliminators, with only one of four automatic passes assigned to South America for the World Cup. Peru Chile demanded that Ecuador lose eight qualifying matches to Castillo, with opponents receiving three points per game in their meetings. Chilean officials have calculated that this formula will change the classification results in South America and in Chile at the World Championships in Ecuador.

FIFA says its officials reviewed all presentations by the parties involved in the case, including Peru, which competes against an international classifier for a trip to Qatar on Monday, before concluding Ecuador has ten defendants.

Chile dicho que apelaria el fallo.

“We are concerned about this decision,” said Eduardo Carlezzo, a lawyer representing the Chilean Federation. “There is a huge amount of evidence, both in Colombia and in Ecuador, that no one knows that the national judge is in Colombia. This is what we address and hope that this evidence will be considered in its totality.

Football Federation of Ecuador release a message After Chile submitted its request to Mayo, it repeated its call for the “infamous rumor” about Castillo, of which he was an Ecuadorian citizen in the legal sense and in the sense of deportation.

“We will be categorical about any intentions of women pretending to evade participation in the 2022 World Cup in catarrhal football, which can be legally obtained in a cane,” the federation said.

Castillo’s origins have been questioned for several years, despite a more extensive investigation into player registration in Ecuador, reviewing hundreds of cases, and imposing sanctions for the discovery of at least 75 minors. forged documents. Temerosos an error that ruined Ecuador’s pilgrimage hopes at this year’s World Cup, those in charge of its national football federation replaced Castillo’s inclusion in the mayoral elections before this year.

Two years ago, Hecho, chairman of a special commission of inquiry convened by the parish federation, suggested that Castillo was Colombian, even though Chilean officials claimed it was true.