Italian Grand Prix: Ferrari’s worst home qualifier performance since 1984

Sebastian Vettel did not make it out of the first qualifying round and was able to take a modest 17th place, while his teammate Charles Leclerc advanced to the second qualifying round but could only claim 13th place on the grid ahead of Sunday’s race.

Ferrari knew that at the Italian Grand Prix this weekend they would have to fight for speed, but even they could not predict that everything would be so bad.

Leclerc is fifth in the drivers’ standings with 45 points, already 112 points behind leader Lewis Hamilton. Things are even worse for four-time world champion Vettel, who has only 16 points and is in 13th place.

In the constructors’ standings, Ferrari is in 5th place, a whopping 203 points behind leader Mercedes.

A small positive for Ferrari is that its ardent supporters, known as the “tifosi”, were not in attendance to witness the disastrous performance as racing is still held behind closed doors.

Charles Leclerc's car returns to the garage.

“At the end of the day, we expected it to happen closer to the weekend,” a visibly upset Leclerc told Sky Sports. “We knew Spa [last weekend] and here were the two worst tracks for us. So… it’s hard.

“At the moment it is, and I need to get the most out of the car. It hurts even more that it’s at home. This is the reality for us at the moment. We need to work,” Leclerc said.

At the top of the leaderboard, Mercedes recorded another 1-2 score as Lewis Hamilton took his 8th pole at the Italian Grand Prix and teammate Valtteri Bottas narrowly missed a tenth of a second to start second on the grid.

“It was a fantastic team game,” Hamilton told Sky Sports. “It wasn’t the easiest, you saw how close we were to each other. A clean circle was required, and I got both.

Sebastian Vettel watches his rival Lewis Hamilton take pole position.

“Valtteri was strong and kept attacking, I was a bit nervous on the last stretch. In the years that I’ve been here, I’ve had times where we had less downforce and less grip, [but] speed through Lesmos [corner] it was cool. This is an attempt to find the right balance, which is not so easy, ”said Hamilton.

McLaren’s Carlos Sainz arguably showed a day’s performance, finishing 3rd for his best place on the grid, while Racing Point driver Sergio Pérez’s 4th equaled his best qualifying position.

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  • 2. Bottas
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  • 4. Perez
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