Man spent $40,000 to ask a question about Nintendo One

One Japanese had a question for Nintendo but instead of contacting support, he went to the president of the company.

The man, who wished to remain anonymous, bought more than $40,000 worth of shares in the video game giant. An insider reported.

The amount of shares was enough for one share in his name and the opportunity to attend the annual meeting of shareholders of the company.

Nintendo held a meeting on Wednesday and the man thought it was his chance to ask about the future of “fan-favorite gaming franchises” like F-Zero, according to Insider.

“F-Zero”, a racing game franchise featuring the character Captain Falcon, was introduced in 1990 and has not appeared in the franchise since 2004.

Since 2004, Captain Falcon has continued to appear in the popular fighting game franchise Super Smash Bros.

The attendees of the shareholder meeting were not guaranteed a question to Nintendo, but the individual had the opportunity to ask Shuntaro Furukawa’s company about his favorite games such as F-Zero.

“Developing new games and remakes, including sequels, for every Nintendo game that people ask for is really difficult, but we are very grateful and appreciate the expectations our fans have for our games,” said Furukawa. According to the translation of the gaming news portal VGC..

Shinya Takahashi, senior executive at Nintendo, also said the company is “always” looking at how it can remake and create new games for players. VGC reported.

“We can’t tell you if there are any plans for future remakes of any particular game, but during development, we’re always thinking about the different experiences that players can enjoy,” said Takahashi.