New BerghWing falcon training device set to revolutionize the sport

Dubai-based falconer Peter Berg aims to advance the ancient form of falconry into the 21st century with his new training device called the BerghWing.

To maintain their fitness, the birds usually run the bait over a pulley system.

But thanks to Berg’s new invention, falcons in captivity can be forced to take part in a challenging flight that tests their speed and agility, just like hunting in the wild.

This new training method also trains the bird and strengthens its muscles.

BerghWing also allows falconers to analyze flight data to help find areas of improvement for their birds.

The invention, created in a small personal workshop located on the edge of the desert, changes the rules of the game in sports.

The training tool is currently popular in the MENA region and the demand for it is growing all over the world, with orders coming from Europe and South America.

As with racehorses, a falcon’s pedigree and breading can determine its value.

A falcon with sought-after genetics, such as strong pectoral muscles used for climbing or large eyes for precise vision, can cost up to €500,000.