Spain has become the latest country to equalize wages for men’s and women’s national football players.

The Spanish Football Federation has announced that male and female players will receive equal pay for representing their country.

The agreement, which covers the next five seasons, will also ensure equality in terms of travel, meals and accommodation for Spain’s national teams.

“Bonuses earned as a percentage will be equalized,” the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) said in a statement. statement on Tuesday.

“From now on, female players of the national team will have an advance on bonuses, exactly the same as the men’s team,” added the president of the federation, Luis Rubiales.

“All players will also receive a percentage of sponsorship contracts. I think it’s hard to find such a complete agreement anywhere else.”

FUTPRO President Amanda Gutiérrez, who represented the women players in the negotiations, called the day a “historic day”.

England, Ireland, Norway and the United States is among other countries that have already reached equal pay agreements with men’s and women’s football teams.