ZEE5 Revenue: ZEE5 is projecting double-digit growth this year and is focusing on more new original content.

In-house video streaming platform ZEE5 is aiming for strong double-digit or triple-digit revenue growth this year, building on the momentum gained over the past two years during the Covid pandemic, which a senior company official said acted as a catalyst for people looking to explore content online.

The platform, which recently launched 11 original Telugu series as part of its strategy to cater to different languages ​​in the country, is also investing “hundreds of crores” this year to content creation.

“We have big ambitions and we want to see strong double or triple digit growth this year as well,” said ZEE5 Chief Business Officer. Manish Kalra said PTI when asked about the company’s expectations for revenue growth this year.

In fiscal year 22, ZEE5 generated revenue of Rs 549.6 crore, up 31% from Rs 419.1 crore in the previous fiscal year.

Explaining the reasons for the company’s positive attitude, he said, “Users have the ability and intent to consume content online, and more and more of them…”

In addition, according to Kalr, “We have a desire to create content and deliver the right content to the audience. We are now in a fast growing, high value industry and we intend to continue to grow significantly.”

About influence COVID-19he said, “The pandemic has encouraged people to explore online content alongside gamers like us. We were able to produce good quality content that they couldn’t find anywhere else. more viewers to start consuming our content because they have discovered this treasure trove of rich quality content that was only available on OTT platforms. ”

When asked about the investment, he said: “We cannot share absolute figures, but I can say that compared to last year, we expect to invest 1.3-1.4 times (times) this year, depending on how our content works.

Claiming that ZEE5 is seeing good growth thanks to all the launches it has made, Kalra said, “So yes, we really want to double, scale revenues and use our potential. To that end, we are also making huge potential investments this year – starting in significant amounts of hundreds of crores.”

The goal, he says, is to cater to the various needs of consumers and provide them with the content they love from the comfort of their homes.

“To do this, we will receive new content from the best production companies, high-quality character arcs, all of which will be considered with the future interests of the platform in mind. As we get rewarded as consumers subscribe to the platform more and more. , we are happy to meet the needs,” Kalra said.

Claiming that ZEE5’s strength lies largely in Indian languages ​​as they originate from the home of ZEE, he said, “We understand the Indian diaspora and understand their aspirations and the kind of real, related content they like and have provided them with content in Hindi, southern languages, including Tamil, Telugu, as well as Punjabi and Bangla.

The platform received a good response from viewers in south India, he said, adding, “The south equals Hindi in terms of the number of viewers and followers we have on the platform.”

Asked if the reopening of theaters would impact online audiences, Kalra said, “I believe we will work synergistically with theaters and film releases.”

Clarifying, he added: “The cinemas have a certain audience, but there is also an audience that prefers to watch content from the comfort of their homes, which we then approached – people who want to watch quality content on their TV with good sound quality. at home. So we see these synergistic relationships.”

What’s more, Kalra said, “We’re also seeing big theatrical films perform very well on ZEE5, even as we release them past the usual 30-60 day window.”

Commenting on the OTT platform market, he said, “People subscribe to multiple OTT services based on the content they hear about and depending on the quality of the content they hear about. Thus, we are seeing an increase in the number of subscriptions in the industry. . ”

In this segment, content drives demand, he said, adding: “When we can create good quality content or movies, the consumer has an appetite for using multiple OTT platforms. This is where it becomes important to serve the right customers. with the right content.