Austin Barnes extends Dodgers contract by two years

DodgersThe second longest-serving player will remain in Los Angeles for at least another couple of years.

On Sunday, the team agreed to a two-year contract extension with the catcher. Austin Barnesaccording to several people with knowledge of the situation, who were not allowed to speak on the record.

The terms of the deal were not immediately announced.

Barnes, 32, was drafted by the Miami Marlins in 2011 and acquired by the Dodgers in 2014 before making his major debut in 2015. Since then, he has been a constant presence alongside Chavez Ravin, mostly as a backup catcher who is praised for his ability at the plate and presence at the club.

Although he’s only a .224 career hitter with 28 home runs in over 450 games, Barnes has recorded positive wins over total substitutions in each of his past six seasons. His best season at the plate was in 2017, when he hit .289 while playing in a career-high 102 games.

Since then, he has been part of several different couples at the plate, forming partnerships with Yasmani Grandal, Russell Martin and, for the last three seasons, Will Smith.

Barnes was Clayton Kershawalso the most frequent team-mate in the last eight seasons.

Barnes was supposed to be a free agent this winter but will now have a contract with the Dodgers until the 2024 season.

After Kershaw, the only other Dodger to have been with the team longer is third baseman Justin Turner.

Barnes entered Sunday batting .188 with four home runs and 12 RBIs in 30 games this season. He has also been recognized by Baseball Savant magazine as one of the best field builders in major games.