Colombia stadium collapse leaves at least 4 dead and 30 seriously injured

“We have four (dead) victims confirmed so far – two women, an adult male and a minor – plus about 30 people seriously injured. Of course, we have involved all the hospitals and ambulances that we can work with,” Governor Tolima. . This was stated by Ricardo Orozco on the air of the local radio BluRadio Colombia.

The video was published by Colombian president-elect Gustavo Petro. shows a grandstand full of spectators fainting as people run off the site.
The mayor of Espinal, Juan Carlos Tamayo, confirmed the accident. Facebook post on Sunday urging residents to leave the area.

“We deeply regret what happened in our bullfighting arena,” Tamayo said in a statement. “I want to ask all citizens who are in the area to evacuate, the authorities are already responding to the emergency, the victims have been taken to hospitals. Please, let’s evacuate, together we will help the emergency services so that they can work. ”

According to preliminary data, about 30 people were seriously injured as a result of the collapse.

Local hospitals have received 322 patients affected by the collapse of the stadium, Tolima Health Minister Marta Palacios said Sunday evening.

Colombian Civil Defense Authority, This is stated in the message of the Civil Defense of Colombia on Twitter. volunteers took the wounded to medical facilities in the area.

It featured photographs showing people on stretchers in corridors and courtyards.

Local Councilor Ivan Fernie Rojas posted the video on Twitter. appears to show collapse. Screams can be heard in the background as the three-tier structure falls inwards.

The video shows the booth appearing to be filled with people as it falls. Others on the ground run as the structure topples towards them.

The official cause of the collapse has not been released, but Tamayo said in a statement that authorities have “already launched an investigation into what happened.”